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At VogueModeling we offer a specialized field of training that's all designed to help...
"bring out the model in you".

We start with:

Training CategoriesDetails CategoriesSponsored By
Model TrainingThis is where we teach you all the basic fundamentals of modeling such as the runway walk, pivots, 1/2 turns, 3/4 turns, full turns, and poses.
Make-up TipsThis is where we show you how to apply makeup for daytime and evening wear. By using the color palettes of the makeup compact, you learn the skill of smoky eyes and other beauty secrets.
e.l.f Cosmetics
Hair Care and StylingThis is where you learn the proper procedure for using hot irons, curlers, flat irons and more. Understanding how the right shampoo and conditioner can make a world of difference to your hair texture, touch, silkiness and shine.
Industry Professionals
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Business EtiquetteThis is where you learn the importance of proper etiquette in business from answering a ringing phone, to a proper hand shake. You will develop confidence and self esteem in areas where you may have been shy or antisocial. This will bring out the best in you and give you the tools you need for proper communication and social integration.

Non-Profit personal empowerment
Wardrobe StylingThis is where you learn how to mix and match colors and patterns in your wardrobe properly to make them pop and make statements as part of the fashion world. Learning what to put together with something else, while bringing out the style and elegance of the pieces are very important.
Designer Emporium
Physical FitnessThis is a session of aerobics where you learn to work out the body while learning how to work out healthy eating habits. You'll learn why fruits and vegetables are better for you along with a healthy work out routine. (bring shorts and gym shoes for this exercise)
Industry Professionals
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How to sign-up

All of these programs are included in your one basic package of training. Each of these programs run a complete month in length, and are held on Saturdays for 2 hour intervals. The complete cost of this training program is $499, ages 5-10 cost is $399. A $49 deposit is required at time of registration to secure your spot. Balance options are as follows:
1.Full balance due before 1st day of class
2.1/2 balance due before 1st day of class, balance due before 2nd session of class.

Special Events
WorkshopsDetailsSponsored By
Celebrity WorkshopsFrom time to time celebrities will be coming to Vogue Modeling to speak with the models about modeling opportunities, fashion trends, the do's and don'ts of fashion, beauty and entertainment. These workshops are chock full of ideas, networking, motivation, and exposure ....they're designed to inspire you to reach deep within yourself and draw out the energy you possess to become the next success story. Cost of these workshops are TBD.
Local & International Celebrities

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